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    Tubular Motors - Used for Top Down & Front Back operations, Finds application in blinds & awnings...Read More...

  • Glasses

    PDR Film Glasses - Latest method for privacy on any glass body... Read More...



PDR Films & Glasses

  • Latest method for privacy on any glass body
  • Avoids cumbersome window dressing of blinds / curtains
  • Remote / Switch operated
  • Available in Film & Insulated Glass models
  • When the power is off, the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented that scatters incident light and the glass becomes OPAQUE
  • When the power is on, the liquid crystal molecules line up and incident light passes through and the glass looks CLEAR

Areas of Application

  • Hotel & Restaurant: Bathroom / Shower partitions, Private Dining Rooms..
  • Corporate/IT Parks: Meeting / VIP / Monitoring Room, Partition, Windows, Doors..
  • Homes & Villa: Skylight, Residential enclosures..
  • Hospitals: Emergency Rooms, ICUs, Operation Rooms..
  • Banks: Counter, ATM Security Windows
  • Vehicle: Car Skylight, Windows, Privacy Protection Partition, Yachts Window/Skylight..
  • Appliances : Fridge Door, Wine Cabinet Door, other Optical shutters, Projection displays,and much more..

PDR Magic Films & Glasses

  • Is a special & patented technology
  • Incorporates LEDs, light sources or electronic materials into glass panels to create distinctive patterns, images, and logos.
  • It serves as an excellent promotional tool in creating attention-getting displays

Areas of Application

  • Elevators, Malls...
  • Skylights
  • Partitions
  • Maps
  • Promotions
  • Doors, Furniture, Lighting & Roofs

PDR Screen & Touch

  • Latest technology in AV rooms of Home / Office
  • Avoids separate cumbersome projector screen
  • Both Front & Rear Views
  • Both Front & Rear Projection possibility
  • Highly interactive with touch screen facility
  • Available in Film & Insulated Glass models

PDR Screen & Touch – Applications

  • Domestic – Home Theatre / Audio Video Room / Family room
  • IT / Corporate – Meeting / Conference hall
  • Media – Interactive presentation with out any use of mouse