Straight Tracks

M Tracks :

M Series systems are used for 'straight' draped hand drawn curtains. These highly efficient extruded aluminium alloy track assures smooth sliding with specially developed gliders at the prescribed load limit. Systems could be easily mountable either on wall or ceiling with smart click brackets. Provides both the option of side way stacking as well as centre split.

Specifications M 100 M 200 M 300 M 400
Width 20 mm 22 mm 20 mm 29.50 mm
Height 20 mm 16.50 mm 20 mm 16 mm
Thickness 0.9 mm 1.30 mm 1.10 mm 1.30 mm
Length 3650 mm 4570 mm 3650 mm 3650 mm
System Colour White White White White
Max. Curtain Width 3000 mm 4000 mm 3650 mm 3650 mm
Max. Curtain Height 3000 mm 4000 mm 4000 mm 4500 mm
Max. Curtain Weight 8000 grams 15000 grams 25000 grams 30000 grams

Power Tracks :

Power tracks are sturdy that can be used for heavy curtains. The tracks consist of aluminium alloy section, ball bearing carriers to provide frictionless operation. These ball bearing carriers are made of steel balls to give a feather touch movement to the curtains. Comes with dual track brackets too.

Ripple Tracks :

Ripple tracks enables "S" curve at every hook unlike pleat system. As the name reveals, it creates the curtain to form continuous ripple shape which would never collapse at any given point of place. Normally comes with the track and a two part belt for curtain hanging.

Curved Tracks

I Tracks :

These systems are used for curved or bay windows where the curtain flow bends 'arbitarily'. It can be easily bended to any desired curvature very easily by hand.

Specifications I 100 I 200
Width (Top) 5.80 mm 16.20 mm
Width (Bottom) 7.30 mm
Height 19.30 mm 24 mm
Length 4570 mm 4570 mm
System Colour White White
Radius Small Big
Max. Curtain Weight 4000 mm 4000 mm
Max. Curtain Height 4000 mm 4000 mm
Max. Curtain Weight 8000 grams 12000 grams

Shower Curtain Track :

Bendi tracks are ideal for use of shower cubicles and bath tubs to separate wet and dry areas. Can support 6000 grams of weight of any kind of shower curtain. It can be easily bend by hand to any kind of curvature. The profile is made up of special aluminium alloy and gels with PVC combination. With robust wall brackets and support, it can be easily hanged to the ceiling without much effort. It is white in colour and available only in standard packing.

F Track :

These are heavy duty "machine" bendable tracks. Fitted either on the wall or ceiling to create partition to separate areas both in domestic & commercial buildings. Also, finds an ideal application in hospitals & beauty salons.

Specifications F Track
Width 18.20 mm
Wall Thickness 1.20 mm
Height 20 mm
Length 4570 mm
System Colour White
Min Radius 90 deg 300 mm wide;
radius curve 600 mm
Max. Curtain Width 4500 mm
Max. Curtain Height 5000 mm
Max. Curtain Weight 20000 grams


Hospital Track :

These are heavy duty machine bendable tracks that could be hanged with suitable "suspenders". The height of suspenders can be suitable altered. Ideally finds application in hospitals / clinics / nursing homes / diagnostic centres to cater privacy needs of patients.

Our core competency includes layout specialisation & on demand, even curtain solutions (both netted or without netted and PVC or Polyester) be provided. Due deligency will be given for proper ventilation on the top, easy cleaning on the floor, free flow of curtain, reduce discomfort to staff and better monitoring of patients

Specifications Hospital Track
Width 14 mm
Height 35 mm 35 mm
Height 20 mm
Length 4570 mm
System Colour White
Min Radius 90 deg 300 mm wide;
radius curve 600 mm
Max. Curtain Width 8000 mm
Max. Curtain Height 5000 mm
Max. Curtain Weight 8000 grams

Chord Operated Tracks

Chord Systems

Just to avoid hand drawing of curtain, a special provision to stack the curtain sideways as well as centre split. Used largely in hotels where heavier curtain needs to be drawn frequently and also where "wand' drawing methods could fail

Single Chord Systems

These single chord systems are of third generation where in the benefit of 'aesthetic' factor of rods and 'sleek' operation of track system is combined. These systems are made up of higher grade aluminium extrusion & of ABS plastic. The unidirection ratchet mechanism enables the track to be operated through single chord for both forward & reverse movement. Can move heavy curtains of high raised windows, without much effort. Comes both in centre split & side stacking

Architectural 1193.80 mm White   Minimum Maximum
1778.00 mm   Teak   1193.80 mm 1371.60 mm
2387.60 mm   Walnut   1778.00 mm 1955.80 mm
2997.20 mm   Rosewood   2387.60 mm 2565.40 mm
3581.40 mm   Nickel   2997.20 mm 3149.60 mm
      SS   3581.40 mm 3657.60 mm

Multi Tracks

These are tracks which posses different tracks for different curtains. All sheer (day) curtain, main curtain and even valance could be hanged. Can be mounted on wall and ceiling depending on requirement


This smart & multi purpose rods finds application mainly for wall to wall curtains, shower curtains, partition areas & cup board rods. These extendable rods posses steel spring to support the rods between the two walls. The length can be adjusted by rotating the inner rod to the desired level. The most desirable point of this fabric is that it requires NO drill or screwing. DIY (Do It Yourself) concept save time and effort to fix it up.

Sizes 914.40 mm to 1828.80 mm
1219.20 mm to 2438.40 mm
Colour Off White